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Pet Chauffeurs

Travel With Pets & Pet Transport


Pet Chauffeurs Europe cover East and West Europe, Turkey and Scandinavia by road, offering both pet transport
and pet owners to travel with their pets and luggage door to door. All types of household pets are carried, dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits Etc.
Every pet ever carried by us has arrived at their destination safely leaving us with a 100% record. 

To enquire either telephone or fill out the quotation form or email giving month of travel, pet details, town, country and destination town and country. We will reply with full details and a fixed quotation.

Travel With Your Pets
A bespoke service just for you, your pets and luggage door to door between UK, to and from Europe, Turkey or Scandinavia. During this service we use pet friendly hotels and make regular stops for pet care, coffee and meals. Moving can be a stressful  time and many clients prefer to travel together with their loved pets and personal luggage door to door. One to three passengers can be carried. Meeting at Airports, Docks can be arranged.

Shared Pet Transport Regular Trips (France, Spain and Portugal)
Everything will be provided for your pet to travel safely and comfortably. No direct contact with other pets carried, your pet will have its own roomy pen provided with soft bedding, dogs with non-spill water and food bowls, cats with feeding bowls and litter trays and be screened from our canine friends. All pets are always attended day and night, dogs are walked individually  every three to four hours on our slip leads. You will be notified of a time on the day of collection in advance so you can walk/feed your pet before collection, then each day of your pets journey given an update on journey progress and your pets welfare. Finally you will be notified on the time of delivery so you are not waiting in all day.

Enquire for other countries, we make many journeys to France, Western Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe
and Turkey.

Pet Rescue Transport
Pet Chauffeurs enjoy working with animal rescue charities carrying rescue pets to new forever homes, often over vast distances we find it rewarding to see these rescue pets respond to love and attention on their journey.

Pet Chauffeurs are Defra Compliant And Holders Of Type 2 Animal Transporter Authorisation For All Pet Species As Issued By Animal Health Welfare (Valid for all journeys).